Girl’s Birthday Party

1. Rock and roll party/Pop star party: (Age-group: 7-15 yrs)

Pop Star party is a super blast and fun filled

Do you have a dance party in your house? Thinking of turning back the clock, putting on the Bee Gee’s and having a disco party? Turn up the tunes, and get ready to boogie, a dance party!
Celebrated by rocking out at home with an appropriately themed-party for your little popstar.

2. Glow in the dark-Dance party/ Neon party: (Age-group : 7-15 yrs)

If you are hosting an evening bash, add extra mile of excitement by making it a glow-in-the-dark party or neon party. A glow in the dark party is one of the coolest themes you can have for your sweet daughter. The object of this party is to make everything glow, get your friends dancing, and be the talk of your friends! We have tons of techno music to play and lots of glow in the dark neon party activities to rock this birthday theme.

3. Little Mermaid -Underwater Theme party:

Most of the girls dream of the enchanting life of a mermaid, but you don’t need to live under the sea to have an aquatic adventure.

Dive into an ocean full of fun with our underwater theme birthday party! Our decorations, colorful Underwater Event party supplies, party games & activities will make it more exciting.